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How to Recycle Single-Use Batteries

We use single-use batteries to power remote controls, computer mice, wall clocks, digital scales, our kids’ toys, and so much more. There are many types of batteries and all of them can be recycled —  but not in your curbside recycling bin. There are some nuances about which variety of batteries you can recycle at different locations.

Single-use batteries aren’t very complicated. They usually are made with a steel shell, a brass pin collector in the middle, manganese dioxide and carbon cathode, and a zinc anode. Steel is extremely recyclable and the other components can also be reused readily. It’s important to reuse and recycle these non-renewable materials to conserve the resources our Earth provides for us.

To find your nearest battery recycling location jump to the Recycling Locator, add your ZIP Code and look for your nearest location.

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