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  • kurtis0196 - Planting a Garden for the Birds

Birds are the most welcome wildlife in the landscape garden. They are beautiful, musical, interesting to watch. Unlike deer and other large visitors that eat plants, birds can even protect your garden by eating harmful bugs. There are so many reasons to encourage birds to visit or even take up residence in your garden. Fortunately, welcoming birds to your yard is not hard. In fact, bird-friendly gardening often involves doing less work in the garden instead of more.

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About Birdfeeders

Birdfeeders are the most obvious way to attract birds, and they can be very effective, especially for encouraging birds to spend time in spots that are convenient for birdwatching. But as anyone who has tried it knows, feeding the birds is a lot more complicated than just picking up a birdfeeder on a whim at the garden store.

Protecting your birdfeeder from squirrels and other critters is always a challenge. And filling the birdfeeder on a warm summer morning is a lot easier than trudging through the snow to fill it in midwinter — even though that’s when birds rely on our help the most. Many people don’t realize that bird feeders need more maintenance than just filling. An improperly maintained feeder can spread disease.

Planting for the Birds

Whether you keep the birdfeeder or not, there is another way to attract birds to your yard that doesn’t require you to battle squirrels and snow. You can plant a garden for the birds. With a little planning, your spring planting can provide natural, healthy food for birds year-round.

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